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ToxTutor is a self-paced tutorial covering key principles of toxicology for users of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) chemical and toxicology databases.

Topics Covered in this Course

ToxTutor is divided into the following sections:

  1. Introduction to Toxicology
  2. Dose and Dose Response
  3. Toxic Effects
  4. Interactions
  5. Toxicity Testing Methods
  6. Risk Assessment
  7. Exposure Standards and Guidelines
  8. Conclusion

Each section of ToxTutor contains one or more related content pages. Next and Back buttons are provided to allow you to navigate through these pages. For more information, see the "Getting Around" section below.

The basic principles of toxicology described in ToxTutor are similar to those taught in university programs and are well described in toxicology literature. A list of the textbooks used as the primary resources for the tutorials is found in the Bibliography.

Using ToxTutor

It will take approximately two hours to complete this self-paced tutorial.

Getting Around

There are a variety of ways you can navigate ToxTutor. You can:

  • Use the Menu button in the upper right corner of each page to access the main sections, view the glossary or bibliography, or contact support
  • Click the links in the list above to access sections directly
  • Click the Back and Next buttons at the bottom of each page to move through the material
  • Press the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move through the material
  • Use a combination of the above methods to explore the course contents


At the top of each page in ToxTutor are links indicating where the current page falls within the overall ToxTutor program. You can click these links to return to this homepage or to the section that contains the page.


Throughout the course, you will encounter links. Any link with an External Link icon (Exit disclaimer) points to a resource outside of ToxTutor, which will typically open in a new tab or window. All other links are to other areas within ToxTutor. In many cases, a link will open a small pop-up box within the page to provide more information.

In addition, clicking on an image will open a larger view of it in a pop-up box within the page.

Getting Help

If you need help using ToxTutor or have questions or comments about any of the content presented here, please select the About ToxTutor/Getting Help option from the upper-right menu.